The Horse Sanctuary dream

Our ultimate goal is the purchase and funding of a farm suitable for the care of rescued horses.

The fate of thousands of horses across the Western Cape ultimately lies at the hands of local horse rescue centres. These centres do their utmost to carry out their mission which may range from equine rescue and rehoming to community education on horsemanship, but in many occasions, they do not have the space or financial means to take in every single horse that needs a home.

Adoption programmes help, but the need for homes outweighs demand which can lead to unwanted horses being euthanised. Horses who have been injured, abused, or have behavioural issues stand an even lower chance of finding homes.

The Horse Sanctuary Trust is the solution. A safe place where horses can retire.

These majestic animals deserve a chance to live out their days on a retirement farm where they can live like horses are supposed to – spending their days grazing in fields with the space to run and live in herds.

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The Horse Sanctuary Trust
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Please use reference ‘Farm’ for your donation to be allocated toward a Horse Sanctuary retirement farm.

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Authorised use of photo from – fantastic photography and canvas prints taken of the wild horses near Kleinmond.